Coated Steel

Coated products are just as they sound a carbon steel product that is dipped, quenched, annealed, or even electrically charged to coat the surface. One of the most common coated Products is galvanized.

Galvanized usually goes through a hot dip process called a zinc bath that coats the steel and can be covered in a desirable coating of your choice by weight. These are commonly revered to with the following designation G40, G60, G90 etc. As the number increases so does the coating of zinc and its corrosion resistance.  Galvanized coatings as high as G240 have been produced.

Galvannealed is a zinc coating that is goes through the annealing process after zinc coating. This annealing gives a very even greyish finish to the steel that will not flake when bent, stamped, or formed.It offers excellent paintablity and corrosion resistance. Like Galvanized a coating thickness is referred by the letter “A” and a numeric number. Typical coatings are A40, A60, A90.

Galvalume is carbon steel coated with aluminum and zinc by hot dipping. The coating mix is usually in the 50/50 range of 50% aluminum and 50% zinc. Recent variations of this mixture have been given trade names by different mills. A major benefit to galvalume is the cut edge is protected from rust by the makeup of the coating. For sheared and slit edges the exposed side should have minimal to no rust. With the aluminum and zinc coating the surface appearance is bright. Galvalume is an excellent choice for exposed projects such as metal roofing. Coating thickness is usually noted with an AZ and then the thickness for oz per sq/ft. Example: AZ50.

Aluminized is a carbon steel most commonly Type 1( hot dipped and coated with aluminum and silicon) for adhesion.It was mainly intended for heat resisting applications but have been used for where heat and corrosion resistance have been needed.Type 1 is also followed by the coating thickness which is commonly 25 standing for the coating of .25 oz per sq/ft. Most quotes look as follows(ex Aluminized T125, or T1-25)