Saw Cutting

American Steel & Aluminum puts five automated and manual saws to work. So we can cut bar, tube, and pipe to your precise needs. With a capacity of up to 25” and the ability to bevel up to 45 degrees, our saws are flexible, fast, and clean.


Here is an example of some of our many saws.

Hyd Mech H-18-A

  • Fully automatic CNC
  • Up to 18” square

Hyd Mech V-25APC

  • Fully automatic CNC
  • Up to 25” square
  • Bevels to 30 degrees (left & right)

Do-All C-305

  • Fully automatic
  • Up to 12” square

Do-All TF-1421H

  • CNC controlled
  • Indexing backstop
  • Up to 16” square
  • Bevels to 45 degrees (left & right)