September Stainless Surcharge up 1% From August

After Last months announcement of base price increases from domestic stainless mills the surcharge is seeing an increase as well. Nickel which is a major factor is the surcharge of 304 and 316 has been trading higher giving the surcharge a boost of $65.19 and $89.07 for 304 and 316 respectively. this combined affect will result in a 3% increase to stainless products in a relatively short amount of time.

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American Steel Aquires Quality Flame

Published on Sep 05, 2013

American Steel Aquires Quality Flame

AMERICAN STEEL AND ALUMINUM LLC. 27 ELM STREET, AUBURN, MASSACHUSETTS 01501 • PHONE: (508) 832-9681 • FAX: (508) 832-3719 Re:  ASA acquires Quality Flame Cutting                                                 September 5, 2013 To All, I am pleased to announce American Steel and Aluminum, LLC....

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